My name is Jane Rothert and I'd like to welcome you to the world of herding and the Belgian Malinois!

In early 1994, houses started going up behind where I live. I decided I had to move farther out into the country and since a couple of my Shelties showed a lot of talent in the herding department, I had dreams of buying a small farm and herding with the Shelties. I also figured I should have at least 1 big dog as a watch dog that would also herd, so I started looking at big dogs in the herding group. About that time, a friend rescued a Belgian Malinois and I was hooked. I called a couple of herding judges I knew to ask them what they knew about Malinois. They didn't know much about their abilities to herd as they'd never seen one herding, but one said her best friend had several show dogs and I should talk to her. The friend recommended a breeding that was to occur in Michigan later that year and I was all set.

I never bought my farm, but I did buy a Malinois. "Lacie" was the dog most of us dream of owning and I can never thank Ann MacKay enough for entrusting her to my care. The story on these web pages is as much her story as mine. I hope you enjoy your visit!

Avonlea Showtime

Avonlea Showtime, CD, HSAs, RE, HTAD-Is

Sire: Tzaar van Balderlo, PT, JHD (AKC ptd)
Dam: OTCH, U-CDX, AKC Ch. Avonlea Love Bytes, UDX3, HXAs, MX, MXJ

Avonlea Prairie Encore

Avonlea Prairie Encore
2006 ABMC National Specialty
1st place American Bred Bitch
Winners Bitch
Award of Merit

Lacie Herding

U-CDX, U-AGII, HTCH, DC Avonlea Queen Anne's Lace

Avonlea Prairie Jazz, HSAs, HRD-Is, RLF-Is

Avonlea Prairie Jazz, HSAs, HTAD II-s, HRD I-s, RLF I-s
2006 ABMC National Specialty
Wednesday Herding: RHIT all-breed, RHIT Malinois

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