sr Orwell du Domaine de Vauroux, B Tr

March 16, 1998 - August 2001

Avonlea Prairie Litter Pedigree

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Avonlea Prairie Jazz, HCTs

When I think of Ory I remember him laying on the floor learning to shake hands for food with Catherine sitting in the chair shaking her head at our American shenanigans! Even though I only knew him for a short time, he made a big impression on me. He greeted everyone like a long lost friend and was happy to give everything a try. The only thing he didn't like seemed to be a golden retriever with an Elizabethan collar on. He just wasn't sure WHAT that was and wasn't taking any chances!

His whirlwind stay in the States last March included his first time on sheep where he did very well, a visit to the vet's for x-rays, a visit to another vet's for a sperm donation, and a trying time with an at first reluctant girl (Lacie) who then became too pushy for this polite Belgian boy. Through it all Ory was calm and happy and up, although I think Catherine would have preferred a little less enthusiasm when Ory took off after the deer one morning! He was a beautiful boy, in spirit and in looks. I hope the "kids" here in the US and in Europe grow up to be half the wonderful dog he was.

Catherine, I am sorry for your loss. Those of us who have been "in dogs" for any number of years, know how hard it is to lose any of our "friends". When one is as special as Ory was, it is even harder. We will all miss him in our own ways, but it will be hardest for you. May you find comfort in watching his kids grow up and do their dad proud!

Jane, Lacie, Cory and Jazz



Avonlea Prairie Legend

I feel so badly for you, Catherine, about losing Ory. I am sorry I never had a chance to meet him-but, I know his son, Leggi (Avonlea Prairie Legend). He's beautiful, smart, strong, and, yes, tough. And I wouldn't trade him for anything. I adore him.

Polly Fabrizio


Avonlea Prairie Star


Avonlea Prairie Poet


Avonlea Prairie Altatude


Avonlea Prairie Skye

Life's short, we will bite hard.

We join you then, now, and later in the Everlasting Land of Memory.

Elsa Gambert and Skye

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